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Batido verde & Vitaminas :)

— Lucila (@lupede) July 30, 2015

RT @NintendoAmerica: New team matchmaking, level-cap increases and new weapons & gear are coming to #Splatoon on 8/5 … and it’s all free! h…

— Odow (@CharlieOdow) July 30, 2015

¡Buenos, Bonitos & Motivados días! ♥ Todos los éxitos empiezan con un sueño.. #CarpeDiem #FelizJueves #BuenaVibra http://t.co/JeTcpitpht

— Lucila (@lupede) July 30, 2015

tall, skinny men <<< the both of us can't be skinny & tall 😐😐 one of us gotta be big & it ain't gonna be me lol.

— L. (@Lestruth) July 30, 2015

— (@) January 1, 1970

Escuche Dancehall Mix 2015, Vybz Kartel, Aidonia, Alkaline, Mavado & I-Octane de Dancehall Vibes #np en #SoundCloud https://t.co/e2gLTz9Fy2

— Jordy Molina (@jordymolina19) July 30, 2015

RT @michel_mananes: Wishing a Delicious and Precious Weekend all my dear Friends! Best regards & Hugs! :-) ♥♥♥ CHOPIN Nocturne op.9... htt…

— naimov/ NailaMorales (@naimovcr) July 30, 2015

Genetic Link Found Between Mental Illness &#038; Creativity: Here Are The Details http://t.co/Qyd0JMAHnA vía @collectiveevol

— Arturo Mora (@arturomorapoeta) July 30, 2015

RT @BrandonEvrs: I reject #DontJudgeChallange. My niece has a unibrow & she's the most beautiful girl in the 🌎. #BeautyInAllChallenge http:…

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) July 30, 2015

RT @robdelaney: Noticing men wearing blazers with t-shirts again. "Look at me! I'm 8 and I'm CEO of my macaroni & cheese!" Fuck off all of …

— Dos (@quejomeaqui) July 30, 2015

Birras, catársis con Mumford & Sons (concierto de la vida de JP... Hasta… https://t.co/tkmifBq4WE

— Jose Pablo Romero (@TICOROMERO) July 30, 2015

Diseñador Gráfico / Representante De Ventas en San José, San José para J&G… http://t.co/r0IGDvclXN http://t.co/Fm0xwr6sZH

— centrojobs_com (@centrojobs_com) July 30, 2015

Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (http://t.co/JLnCucGeyD - Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official

— Nichii (@nishii777) July 30, 2015

RT @BrandonEvrs: These dudes come in my mentions with an avi of a cartoon character w/ the spelling & grammar of an 8 yrld. Everything abt …

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) July 30, 2015

RT @notcliona: the compliments I get on here are so extra & I fucking love it y'all are like "ur face fills my lungs w the air I need to li…

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) July 30, 2015

RT @oldpicsarchive: Albert Einstein & Niels Bohr http://t.co/7Nqwi94ohe

—  Diego González™ (@DiegoTheBat) July 30, 2015

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/d3gwbTYduP Jack & Jack - California Lyrics

— Cata (@FancyCata) July 30, 2015

RT @TheVampsband: Our Tour Manager thefindo & @rileymcdonough holding down the fort (bus) at paintball last weekend https://t.co/QdbEJ6fYNV

— HappyBirthdayBrad! (@EHJ_LoveBooks) July 30, 2015

RT @bombassninas: & that's without a filter ☺️ http://t.co/MYWH9JCC3j

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) July 30, 2015

@Gemorace Bueno, se vería mejor si supiera como @!%^& hacer p q Twitter no volteara la foto.

— German Moracerna (@Gemorace) July 30, 2015

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